Neuromorphic Vision and natural computation

About us

The Neuromorphic Vision and Natural Computation team, based at the Institut de la Vision in Paris, is focused on the interaction between nature and technology. Our goal is to design a new generation of neuromorphic vision sensors, processors and computation techniques inspired by biological systems. In turn, we use this technology to further our understanding of such systems and improve the quality of life of visually impaired patients through prostheses. Check out our GitHub page

Event-based computer vision ▸

Energy-efficient reactive computer vision algorithms

Visual psychophysics ▸

Oculomotor control and the impact of high temporal resolution on visual tasks

Neuromorphic machine learning ▸

Computationally-efficient neuromorphic machine learning algorithms

Retinal prosthesis ▸

Vision restoration techniques for retinal degenerative diseases

Neuromorphic hardware ▸

Devices inspired by biological systems